Making Traditional puffed flatbread outside Cairo.
Selling Fruit at the Kahn el-Kahlili Bazaar in Old Cairo..
Magic Carpets for sale at the Kahn el-Kahili Bazaar in Old Cairo.
Traditional Basket on Display at the Aswan Bazaar.
Spices Galore at the Aswan Bazaar.
A Curious youngster contemplates a hot air balloon flying over the West Bank at Luxor.
A young bull with ocular issues plays host to a nest of flies at a family farm along the Nile in Cairo.
Anything can be had for a negotiated price at the Aswan Bazaar.
Drum storage outside the Nubian 'Starbucks' highway rest stop.
It's not just the temples that are ancient.
Traditional Nubian Footwear.
A pet Crocodile or a Geico commercial?  You decide.
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